Skid Row Freewalls

The Skid Row Freewalls Project, a collaboration between the Skid Row Housing Trust and LALA Arts, is a large-scale public art mural project dedicated to infusing life and hope into a community of residents, workers, and commuters in the Skid Row area.  The project invites internationally known artists to work with the residents of the area to create art, for the people.  Through this cooperative process, the project hopes to integrate art into the community in an organic and authentic manner.

The Skid Row Housing Trust was founded in 1989 to provide safe and affordable housing with a complete range of supportive services to empower residents to break the cycle of homelessness.  The Trust manages and operates 23 apartment buildings with more than 1575 residents annually.  The walls of these residential buildings will be the canvas on which the murals will be created.

The Skid Row Freewalls Project continues the evolution of the LA Freewalls Project, a community initiative that has brought artists from around the world to create on the walls of downtown LA, helping to transform the area into the renowned Arts District. 

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