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  • Lady Aiko

Lady Aiko - AIKO was born in Tokyo, Japan and currently resides in New York City since the mid 90’s. She received a BFA at Tokyo Zokei University in the field of graphic design and filmmaking, also MFA at The New School, NY with honor mention on Media Studies.

She utilizes mixed media in her works, including spray paint, acrylics, latex enamels, oil bars, coffee stains, rhinestones, glitter and pigments. She also creates images by collecting daily documentations and her own photographs, and combines them with collage, stenciling, silk screening and hand painting. After years of living in US, AIKO discovered American contemporary art movements such as Abstractionism, POP Art, Graffiti and Street Art.  Her pieces are an innovative combination of those forms combined with a traditional Japanese aesthetic. Lady AIKO brings her unique voice to the LA Freewalls project in a mural titled ‘TITLE’, which is based on a photograph taken by world-renowned photographer and her dear friend, Martha Cooper.