The opening of LALA Gallery is intended to serve as the locus of the Los Angeles street art movement.  Owner Dan Lahoda has spearheaded the movement with his decisive voice over the past two and half years through the community-endorsed LA Freewalls Project, bringing incredible murals and art to the downtown Los Angeles environ, contributing viscerally to the perception of the community from down-and-out to up-and-coming.  

LALA Gallery is a space where the artists integral to this pivotal project as well as other public art projects can exhibit their studio work and connect with admirers of the street murals. LALA is tucked into a spacious corner of an old meat packing facility built in 1949, kitty corner to downtown local hangout bar Villains, and boasts high ceilings and a raw space that is a natural fit for street artists to bring their work inside. The gallery is meant as a space not only to show work, but for artists to use as a creative laboratory in which to experiment and interact with the community.

LALA believes that art is meant to be lived and experienced, and fosters that behavior through the support of their Inside/Outside concept, whereby artists are no longer restricted to a particular spectrum but engaged and proactive and reactive with the community and the folks who love their art.

Come and feel it for yourself.  It’s L.A.  It’s LALA.

Contributing Artists: Anthony Lister, Askew OneCern OneChris Brand, Cryptik, Cyrcle, Dale Vn Marshall, Dan Witz, Daze, Dee Dee Cheriel, Evan Skredestu, How and Nosm, Insa, Jaybo, Kim West, Kofie, Lady AikoLudo, Poesia, Push, Pyro, Ripo, Risk, Ron English, Saber, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Zes