Craola - Greg 'Craola' Simkins was born in 1975 in Torrance, CA. He grew up with a menagerie of animals including a number of rabbits, which often emerge in his paintings. He began drawing at the early age of 3 and was inspired by various cartoons and books. Simkins' art continued to progress to the age of 18, when he started doing graffiti under the name Craola. Graffiti became his reason for creating and gave him the confidence to paint large works. In addition it taught him perspective, color theory and further developed his artistic skills, which later translated into his work with acrylics. In 2005, Simkins pursued his desire to paint as a full time artist. Since then he has been featured in a number of group shows and has sold out solo shows. His art has been seen in a number of industries from clothing to video games and has now come to life in the form of toys.